Fire fighting boots Rosenbauer
The Rosenbauer boot collection.
The right boot for every operation.
The next step. Pushing forward with vision.
Practical deployment first. Then to the customer.
Rosenbauer boots stand for a new level of quality. Innova-
The Rosenbauer boot line was developed in cooperation
tive technology meets modern design. Maximum protec-
with fire departments, rescue services, footwear engi-
tion in action, perfect wearing comfort and low weight
neers, and designers. The boots were worn and tested
always take top priority.
intensively for several months during operations by fire
departments and rescue teams in various countries.
From inside fire attack, through forest fires, to
Valuable lessons learned from practical deployment are
rescue operations.
incorporated unchanged into product development, thus
helping to adapt the boot perfectly to the wearer's require-
Different operation types pose a variety of requirements
for operational units. And for your footwear. The ability to
offer the right boot for any requirement, and offering the
wearer the best possible protection and support, these are
the demands that Rosenbauer makes on its boot line.
TWISTER for firefighters
TWISTER with chainsaw protection
with chainsaw protection
Fire fighting inside fire attack
Fire fighting outdoor operations
Technical aid
Forest fires
Forestry applications (chainsaw)
Rescue applications
TWISTER-cross in rescue operations