Rosenbauer Fire fighting boots
The highest quality standards
Boots by Rosenbauer. What they stand for.
Maximum protection
Sporting design
Offering firefighters the best possible protection during
Besides wearing comfort and safety, the boot design also
operations. Guided by this principle, Rosenbauer makes the
plays an important role. The Rosenbauer boot line stands
strictest possible demands on personal protection equip-
for a particularly dynamic and sporty look. Silver reflective
ment. The boots from the current collection are
stripes and red flex zones add colored highlights; Rosen-
EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC certified and conform
bauer logo elements add brand recognition on top.
with the highest protection class. With additional pro-
tection features, such as ankle protection, Rosenbauer
boots mean even better support and safety.
Optimized fit
Low weight
The shape of our feet is as individual as our fingerprints.
Hour-long operations weighed down with heavy equipment,
Rosenbauer has the matching boot for everyone; the
often under the toughest of conditions. This is what daily
models TWISTER, TWISTER-cross and TORNADO allow
operations look like for many firefighters. To make the daily
direct adjustment to suit the individual foot shape. On top
grind a little bit easier, Rosenbauer boots mean minimum
of this, there is the 2-width system for wearers with a high
weight on your legs, thus contributing to the success of a
instep (width 10 and width 12).
fatigue-free long-term operation.