Fire fighting boots Rosenbauer
The highest quality standards
Highest possible quality in the selection of materials
Certified according to EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC
and processing
EN 15090:2012: Currently effective version of the
Only the best materials are used for Rosenbauer boots:
European standard for fire fighting safety boots
hydrophobic leather ensures water-tightness, the
F2A: All fire fighting and rescue operations where
lining laminate with foam interior is particularly resilient to
protection against penetration and toe protection are
wear and the leather upper is protected by special rubber
required, including antistatic. No protection against
cap in the toe area. The manufacturing process is subject
chemical hazards.
to the highest quality standards.
HI3: Maximum heat insulation
CI: Maximum cold insulation
AN: Ankle protection
SRC: Non-slip class C (highest protection class)