Fire fighting boots - Rosenbauer
Equipped with high-tech features
The Rosenbauer boot line can do more.
Sympatex membrane
The benefits are quite clear:
The Sympatex
membrane offers breathability and water-
Optimum breathability
tightness at the same time. The hydrophilic components of
Watertight to a great extent
the Sympatex
membrane absorb moisture from the body
Protection against viruses, bacteria and body fluids
and allow it to escape to the outside through
Resilient against various chemicals
evaporation. At the same time, the membrane prevents wa-
Dynamic climate control (the more the body sweats,
ter entering. The high-performance Sympatex
the more moisture is transported to the outside)
is clearly more flexible and elastic than legacy membranes;
it thus remains functional despite extreme load (bending
movement, etc.).
Water-tight, breathable.
Thanks to the Sympatex

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