Rosenbauer Fire fighting boots
It really is that easy!
Pull the leather tongue forward and
Pull on the BOA coiler
step into the boot
Turn the BOA
coiler with the edge of
Push in the BOA
your hand until the boot fits perfectly
The components of the BOA
lacing system
BOA coiler
Rosenbauer BOA Shield
The handwheel, known as the coiler, is the key element
The Rosenbauer BOA
Shield gives the coiler perfect pro-
in the lacing system. It is made of a highly heat-
tection against inadvertent opening (e.g., when climbing
resistant and robust plastic and used to wind up the
ladders). (Not needed for the TWISTER-cross.)
coated stainless steel cord. The coiler can be easily
opened or closed by pulling or pushing.
Guide rails
The guide rails are also made of highly heat-resistant and
Coated stainless steel cord
robust plastic.
A coated, break-proof, stainless steel cord is hidden
behind the black plastic. This robust cord ensures uni-
form lacing of the boot. The coating gives the cord opti-
mum protection. Boots with the BOA
lacing system are
extremely easy to clean as dirt finds it very hard to stick
to them.
is a registered trade mark of BOA Technology Inc.