Fire fighting boots Rosenbauer
The BOA lacing system
Because every second counts in an operation.
Can be put on and taken off
in a flash.
As soon as the siren goes off, fire
fighters need to reach the scene
of the emergency as quickly as
possible. Putting on and taking off
your personal protection equipment
can cost valuable time. And this is
precisely where the TWISTER and
TWISTER-cross fire fighting boots
come into their own with the innova-
tive BOA
lacing system.
Perfect fit.
A break-proof steel cord and a push-
and-turn button let you put the boots
on and take them off in a flash, and
they ensure a perfect fit in just sec-
onds. The lacing system is easy to use
and extremely robust.
Easily readjustable at any time
The boot can be easily adapted at any
time while wearing to match the shape
of the foot. A quick twist of the coiler
is all it takes.
Coated, stainless steel,
break-proof cord