Rosenbauer Fire fighting boots
Strong support meets fast pull-on.
It`s not for no reason that the TORNADO has made a name
Individualized fit thanks to two-zone lacing
for itself among fire fighting boots. The combination of slip-
resistant laced boot with fast pull-on, has proven it is an
The TORNADO is no ordinary laced boot. With its special
excellent solution.
two-zone lacing, the boot can be tightened to different
levels around its shaft and front. The lace stopper at ankle
More protection, more safety
height ensures that the different levels of tightness are
maintained. No other lacing system enables a boot to fit
Like all Rosenbauer boots, the TORNADO has been
the individual shape of wearers` feet perfectly like this.
certified according to EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC,
Once adjusted to a wearer`s personal fitting requirements,
which means it is suited perfectly to all fire fighting and
the lacing will remain the same and therefore make sure
rescue operations. In addition, it meets the requirements
the tightness in the two areas does not change either. The
laid down for the highest protection classes regarding heat
fast-pull-on zipper completes the system, as it allows the
insulation, cold insulation and grip. Equipped with ankle
boot to be put on and taken off quickly and easily.
protection, four flex zones, 3M reflective elements and
Sympatex membranes, the TORNADO covers every aspect
of functionality and comfort.
Increased comfort
through indivi-
dualized fit.
Technical specifications
with chainsaw protection
Approx. 2.8 kg (per pair, size 42)
Approx. 3 kg (per pair, size 42)
10 and 12
10 and 12
Boot height
Approx. 280 mm (without sole, size 42)
Approx. 280 mm (without sole, size 42)
Available sizes
EU 36 to 52 / UK 3.5 to 16*
EU 36 to 52 / UK 3.5 to 16*
*Sizes 36, 50, 51 and 52 / UK 3.5, 14 and 16 are non-standard sizes. Price and lead time on request.