Rosenbauer Fire fighting boots
The right care
Keeping boots in service for longer.
Durability and easy care
Practicality does not stop with the operation, but extends into care and
cleaning. As early as the material selection, color and shape stage, we pay
attention to achieving a durable and care-friendly design. For example, the
sole inserts are removable and washable. And we consciously do without
coloured seams.
The right care for your boots in 3 steps:
First brush the dirt off the boot using a soft brush and lukewarm water.
Then treat the boot with a special care product so that the leather remains soft
and not brittle. If you have coloured inserts in the boot, you are best to use a
clear cream or gel.
Regular proofing helps the boot to repel water and provides additional
protection against dirt.
And the right care products to
go with them:
SOLITAIRE triple care- and impre-
Care product Nikwax
Solitaire Brillant care cream
gnation spray
Care set for leather boots, com-
Black care cream, cleans and proofs.
Made for all smooth and suede
prising a cleaning gel, liquid wax and
Keeps the leather soft and breath-
leather, textiles and membranes.
a shoe brush.
able. Especially recommended for
Is reliant water-resistant and dirt-
boots with an integrated
repellent. Maintains breathability
of membranes and is recommen-
ded by Sympatex.
Please note!
Creams with a pronounced oil or grease content make the leather soft. But at the same time, they can impact breathability by blocking the pores in the
leather. The boots must not be dried in direct sunlight or on a radiator. This could quickly make the leather brittle and impact the boot's service life. Always
allow boots to dry slowly.