EMEREC Rosenbauer
Information management for emergency crews.
System and solution overview
The crew deploys. Now, it's all about managing the operation
"perfectly." The key to a smooth flow lies in the type, quality,
availability, and the interconnection of the right information:
starting with the operational leader and the command center
right through to all emergency response organizations
partaking. Rosenbauer provides the corresponding tools with
its specially developed IT systems.
In the past, valuable time was lost in operations because data
such as geographical maps, fire protection plans, hazardous
material datasheets, and much more were only available in
different places and mostly on paper. EMEREC puts an end to
all of that. EMEREC compiles digital data, unifies it, integrates
independent partial applications, and makes this available in
situation-related form where it is needed - at the press of a
button, on-site, in real time.
With EMEREC, you are equipped for current and future
operational challenges. From alarms to firefighting calls, from
technical operations to traffic accidents to storms, floods, and
other large-scale emergencies - EMEREC helps with its system
solutions to maintain an overview and manage the individual
With the EMEREC system concept, Rosenbauer
delivers all information from different sources
via single media.
The mission
Based on innovative information and communication solutions, Rosenbauer seeks
to provide its customers with tools with which the necessary activities in a specific
field of operation can be managed in an efficient and effective manner. By combin-
ing traditional vehicle and firefighting equipment with pioneering information tech-
nology, Rosenbauer offers a comprehensive range of solutions for managing the
operational scenarios of tomorrow.