Rosenbauer EMEREC
The central information and communication platform.
All operationally relevant information ...
... in digital form
... provided via a central DataCenter
... automatically synchronized to all end devices
... available anywhere and everywhere, online as well as offline
What is EMEREC?
The term EMEREC (EMErgency & RECord) stands for
application can therefore be operated in its own IT environ-
the compilation and provision of operationally relevant
ment as well as a central hosting solution. The safety of the
information on mobile as well as stationary end devices
whole system and your data is paramount. The central solu-
whether tablet, cellphone, PC, notebook - always ready
tion runs in a ISO 27001-certified high-security data center
to hand and up to date, available online as well as offline.
of a well-known telecommunications provider. (management
system for information security - ISMS).
In the integrated EMEREC system, the DataCenter is the
In the same way, the communication between the Data-
central hub for communication, information, documenta-
Center and the end devices takes place via a protected and
tion, and coordination. Alongside the provision and backup
encrypted connection.
of all operationally relevant data, it also ensures automatic
synchronization of this in the respective end device - so
that information standstills are prevented. The DataCenter