AT- Advanced Technology
According to FTP / France
Base specification
> Color coding for handles and controls
Type: Renault 15D FPT 4x2 Euro 6
LED lighting in equipment compartment
Engine output: 206 kW at 2,100 RPM
Transmission: Optitronic 6AS 1000
Wheelbase: 3,800 mm
Equipment according to FPT
Driving compartment:
Control system:
Crew: 1 + 5
Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 (logic control system),
Original Renault twin cab with 4 seats in the direc-
based on CAN-bus technology for: rotating bea-
tion of travel, whereby all 4 seats are equipped with
con, scene lighting, "engine data," jump-
Rosenbauer COMFORT SCBA holders. .
starting, chassis tank indicator, pump, etc.
Body type:
Extinguishing system:
Rosenbauer aluminum body made from self-
Type: normal pressure pump N35 (FPN 10-
supporting screwed and bonded aluminum sheets
3000 according to DIN EN 1028) with LCS 2.0
and profile construction with aluminum sandwich
plates and robust plastic covers
Water tank capacity: 3,000 l with automatic le-
vel regulation
Equipment compartment:
Foam tank 200 l + 100 l
COMFORT full height lockers and
equipment carriers for optimal retrieval and secure
storage of equipment,
Rapid intervention hose reel:
NP rapid intervention hose reel with 45 m hose