Rosenbauer EMEREC
EMEREC modules
Situation image and alarm data
Benefits for the operational leadership
Automatic marking and positioning of the scene on the
Alarm data can be automatically accepted, e.g., from a
situation map
command center. The situational image shows develop-
Alarm data always accessible
ments on scene. Besides the constantly updated position
Operational scene and coordinates as basis for
of the emergency crews, tactical characters and icons are
navigation to the scene
available to label the danger zones.
Situation overview: WHO, WHERE & WHAT
Support in operations management and communication
(electronic situation management)
Alarm list
Easy maintenance of static data via EMEREC Office
Interactive overview of the situation
Dynamic data in real time: resources and vehicle
Interface to service4fire: representation of water, foam,
and fuel levels of emergency vehicles in real time
Standard mapping material: representation in different
layers (vector/aerial image,...)
Integration of existing GIS systems
Easy maintenance of the static data (object data,
Workflow and checklists
In the rush of an operation, things get overlooked quickly.
Checklists are the ideal tool to maintain a good overview.
Provision of prepared operational instructions, guidelines,
and checklists
Status information for carried out work steps
Fulfills the requirements for documentation according to
DV 100
Benefits for the operational leadership
Leadership support
Illustration of existing work instructions
"No details overlooked"
Provision and documentation of processes
Object- and operationally-specific workflows