EMEREC modules
Fire protection plans and object data
From simple object datasheet through to extensive fire
protection plan: for each object, EMEREC administers the
information that is needed.
Notes and initial information about an emergency
Images and graphics
Direct call-up of electronic fire protection plans (attack
routes, extinguishing facilities,...)
Dynamic situation management and placement of
annotations, symbols, commentary fields in digital
object plans
Joint view of the situation through automatic
synchronization of different EMEREC Pilots
Benefits for the operational leadership
The most important object information at a glance
Image information for better situation assessment
e.g., object approach
Access to sprinkler or central fire alarm system
Documentation of the situation directly in the plans
Visual support of radio communication
Bookmark list
The Bookmark list is the central store of all content that is
critical for the corresponding operation and therefore for
all emergency crews involved.
Central store of documents or views
All emergency crews have the same information
Benefits for the operational leadership
All documents relevant to the operation at a glance
Quick access to researched operational content (plans,
map views, datasheets,...)
Support of emergency crews on-site through centrally
researched information, e.g., at the command center