EMEREC Rosenbauer
Vehicle rescue information
The "Crash Rescue" database from Moditech contains over
Navigation with voice announcements tailored to the
15,000 vehicle datasheets with all operationally relevant
requirements of emergency crews. If a control center is
safety and drive components. This is the basis for efficient
integrated, EMEREC automatically gets the coordinates
and safe rescue of people from accident vehicles.
and address information.
Integrated use in EMEREC Pilot
Rapid trip to the scene
Interactive representation of the vehicle with all
No manual, time-consuming input of the address
operationally relevant safety and drive components
Querying of rescue information for accident vehicles with
images and detailed instructions
The original - MODITECH CRS
Benefits for the operational leadership
Rescue information for vehicles
Quicker and more efficient use of hydraulic rescue
More safety for emergency crew/accident victims
Monthly updates of the datasheets - always automatically
Hazardous material data
As a professional solution in terms of a hazardous material
information database, the Chemdata system is available
in an integrated form. Hazard information, handling of
materials, and codes of conduct in the event of a release are
relevant contents of the system.
Substance characteristics

Information about initial code of conduct
Codes of conduct

Details about handling a hazardous substance
Fire hazard

Passing on the information to other emergency
Health hazard

crews (bookmark list)
Reactivity danger
Benefits for the operational leadership