Rosenbauer EMEREC
The most important operational information at any time and anywhere.
The most important operational information shown in "smart" pocket format.
EMEREC Mobile is a smartphone-based solution that supports the crew in everyday operational procedures.
Especially in combination with other EMEREC system products, such as the EMEREC Pilot or the EMEREC Alarm Monitor,
this application can play to its strengths. In particular during major incidents, foreign emergency crews as well as other
rescue organisations can be easily integrated into the situational overview using QR-code based dynamic licenses.
EMEREC Mobile is also a useful tool for large organizations - whether for rapid information gathering, coordination,
navigation or position transmission.
Automatic transmission and representation of the
Important operational information and alarm data always
alarm data
Feedback function quick information about
Simple operation via smartphone
deploying crew
Positional information of the individual emergency crews
Radio alarm status (FMS status)
better overview of large-scale damage situations
Representation of hydrants, objects, and symbols
Automatic copying of address to navigation system
on different map layers
without additional interaction quick and easy
Central administration of all system contents via
AdHoc integration of external crews all units involved in
an operation have the same information
Scalable and future-proof - as an individual application
or in combination with EMEREC Pilot and EMEREC Alarm