EMEREC Rosenbauer
The most important operational information at any time and anywhere.
EMEREC Alarm Monitor (EAM)
Vehicle hall team dressing room situation center - operational command
A quick overview of alarms
The EMEREC Alarm Monitor gives a quick overview of current alarms as soon as you
arrive at the firehouse. Visualization of the operational information takes place via a
conventional monitor and a Windows PC (IE 11 or later). So the purchase of expen-
sive hardware is not necessary. The application can also be called up via the browser
function of a Smart TV many manufacturers already support this function.
Advantages and function
Automatic transmission and representation of the
alarm data
All relevant information at a glance:
- Operation keyword / Operational scene
- Display of the recommended approach route
- Drive time and distance to scene
- Overview and detailed map view
- Deployment order according to operational keywords
Vehicle image and name
EMEREC alarm & feedback
Alarm and visualization of available crews - know who's
coming to the scene
Alarm push to smartphone (also without application
running preserves battery)
Alarm - feedback function
(accept / arrive later / reject)
Overview for deploying crews on EMEREC Alarm Monitor