EMEREC hardware
Additional options
Integrated solutions for your operation
service4fire - Vehicle management for emergency crews
Through open interfaces, the EMEREC system concept
The management of emergency vehicles has been optimized
offers a range of options to integrate the most diverse
through the integration of innovative information technologies.
products and solutions. This makes EMEREC a versatile
During operation, all electronic processes in the emergency
tool for IT-supported operations management.
vehicle and in the built-in components can be recorded via the
internal vehicle communication system (CAN-bus) or analog/
Operation scheduling and alarms
digital interfaces. A transmission unit (telematics module) built
into the vehicle saves the information and transmits it to a
The EMEREC has a scheduling and an operations module
central server via mobile phone. As a result, information about
for simple alarm tasks.
the vehicle position, operation, and condition can be called up
This function enables the creation and transmission of
and evaluated online via the service4fire service portal.
alarm data in all EMEREC system components. Additionally,
service4fire supports management of the entire fleet through
external systems can be integrated via interfaces. Via the
notifications and reports. So you always have an overview of
simplified user interface, the dispatcher in the operations
operational readiness of your vehicles everywhere and at any
command center can support the on-site crew with relevant
In combination with service4fire, vehicle positions or tank
fill levels (water, foam, fuel) for example, can be displayed by
EMEREC (Pilot/Mobile/Alarm Monitor) right on the interactive
situation map. This gives the operational leader an overview
of all resources.
EMEREC video solutions Overview of dangerous
situations and disaster scenarios
You need to have a corresponding overview of a situation
in order to be able to make the right decision during an
operation. Access to videos from different sources can be
a foundation for this. Rosenbauer offers video solutions
for these situations, which can be fully integrated into
the EMEREC system concept. From camera systems and
video recording/transmission through to presentation
in the EMEREC Pilot application, standard and custom
solutions are offered. Additionally, interfaces to existing
applications and systems are possible. So, for example,
integrating a drone, thermal imaging, or a vehicle camera
via corresponding transmission systems.
Camera system installed on rescue cage