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Extinguishing system for the Liebherr paint shop in Bischofshofen.
The perfect solution for a highly volatile situation.
The Austrian town of Bischofshofen is home to Liebherr's
wheel loader competence center where some 2,000 to
3,000 wheel loaders with operating weights of 5 to 31 tons
are designed and built every year. All parts of the loader
to be painted from the bucket to the vehicle frame get
their protective and color coatings at the company's own
paint shop. The Liebherr paint shop has two spray booths
with mist filters and an adjacent paint stockroom and
handling area. These three fire extinguishing compart-
ments represent a tremendous thermal load with their
highly flammable chemicals and paint dust, most of which
settles in the booths' labyrinth of square corrugated card-
board paint mist filters.
Exacting requirements for the
extinguishing system.
Not only does Liebherr's paint plant
extinguishing system meet all the
regulatory requirements for protecting
people, plant and property, it is also de-
signed to minimize downtime in case of
fire incidents and to effectively prevent
the blaze from spreading to other areas
and components. And of course, the
system is fully compatible with mobile
firefighting systems so that responding
fire departments can use it as needed.
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