Rosenbauer service4fire
The fire fighter`s tasks are growing
and the technologies applied are
becoming more powerful. Inte-
grated communication systems
help to process vehicle data in a
comprehensible way to ensure the
perfect cooperation of manpower
and material in an emergency.
Rosenbauer Communication Systems
Rosenbauer is the global leader in fire service technology and services for fire prevention and disaster
protection. For more than 140 years, the name has been synonymous with seminal inventions and
trail-blazing technologies in fire truck and fire-fighting system manufacturing.
Today we build municipal fire trucks and aerial apparatus, ARFF vehicles, industrial and special vehi-
cles, extinguishing systems, equipment, stationary fire extinguishing systems and telematics solutions.
We have helped to optimize operational vehicle management by integrating innovative information
technologies. We set standards in communications between humans and technology.