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Liebherr Paint Shop Success Story - Rosenbauer
A capable, custom-built solution from Rosenbauer.
Liebherr had a choice of three different technologies to
achieve the required levels of fire protection: a classic
sprinkler system, a CO² gas extinguishing installation, and
a compressed air foam system (CAFS) from Rosenbauer.
After in-depth analyses, comparisons and various fire tests
to evaluate the application rates, the CAFS concept proved
to be the best overall solution. It is the only one that guar-
antees maximum extinguishing efficiency and burnback
resistance as part of a very simple and economical system.
Like many other Rosenbauer compressed air foam sys-
tems, the Liebherr extinguishing system is a purely
Technical details about the extinguishing system
mechanical solution that works without motors or pumps
at the Liebherr paint shop
and needs no external power supply. Operated by com-
Uses proven and highly effective compressed air
pressed air, it gives you a reliable, self-contained firefight-
foam (CAF) technology
ing capability at all times.
Unsurpassed extinguishing performance thanks to
aqueous film forming foam (AFFF 1% EN 1568)
It took almost no time to install the system, since neither
Operating time: 15 minutes
wiring work nor modifications for the piping were required.
Extinguishing capacity: 3,000 liters (effective)
Best of all, the relatively simple technology involved means
Self-contained system, no external power required
that Liebherr will not have to invest a lot of time and
Dry piping system
money in service and maintenance.
Special CAFS nozzles
Connectors for fire department use
Exacting requirements for the
CAFS. For a faster "All clear!"
extinguishing system.
Nearly all Rosenbauer fire extinguishing systems are based on the innovative compressed air foam
Not only does Liebherr's paint plant
system (CAFS). Here are just a few of the many advantages that come with CAFS:
extinguishing system meet all the
regulatory requirements for protecting
1. Foam expansion is actively controlled in the CAFS mixing chamber, i.e. in surroundings that are
people, plant and property, it is also de-
protected against environmental influences. The retardant foam is distributed over the entire base
signed to minimize downtime in case of
of the fire.
fire incidents and to effectively prevent
2. Compressed air foam, with its uniformly high foam quality, adheres to hot surfaces.
the blaze from spreading to other areas
3. Flames are deprived of oxygen and extinguished more rapidly.
and components. And of course, the
4. Provides enhanced protection against backburning.
system is fully compatible with mobile
5. Moderate application rates ensure efficient firefighting and keep water damage to a minimum.
firefighting systems so that responding
6. CAFS gives extended range and is sure to blanket the fuel.
fire departments can use it as needed.
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