Rosenbauer service4fire
With the aim of providing an overview of the functionality
of the vehicle's components, service4fire automatically
generates reports. These reports can be adapted to
the specific needs of every fire station in the course of
a project.
Operation reports
Automatic generation of operation reports
Current information on consumption, operating hours etc.
Manual adding of additional information (e.g. driver, rea-
son for the operation etc.) on the Online Service Portal
Vehicle use
Reports about the use of the vehicle and components
Possibility to trace back processes to the split second
(e.g. engine rpm, pump pressure, warning devices etc.)
Automatically generated reports support your administra-
tive tasks and provide you with an overview of how your
vehicle is used.
As soon as the vehicle is turned on, the telematics module
transmits data about the vehicle's position to the data
center. This way you always know where your vehicle is
currently located.
Display of the current vehicle position
Logging of the route covered
Vehicle tracking in real time possible
(at the Online Service Portal / with the service4fire app)
Display of the route to the vehicle with the service4fire app