Vehicle condition analysis.
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Every Rosenbauer and Metz vehicle with a structure-CAN-
bus can be equipped with service4fire. Recorded signals of
vehicle components vary according to the different vehicle
types. service4fire can be easily retrofitted in existing
ARFF vehicles
Municipal vehicles
Defects and malfunctions, such as vehicle electronics,
Defective vehicle components, such
turret, HRET, water and foam compound pumps, vehicle
as vehicle electronics, generator,
engine, drive train, exhaust systems, etc.
turret, light tower, extinguishing
Vehicle and component operating states
agent pump, etc.
Excessive oil temperature, soiled oil filter
Incorrect handling, e.g. cavitation,
Drops in battery power
high pump inlet pressures
Pump pressure, pump temperature and cavitation
Battery voltage drop, lack of coolant
Tank fill levels, such as water, foam
compound, etc.