Rosenbauer service4fire
Integrated solutions for emergency forces.
Investment for the future.
Telemetric and position data are the basis for many future applications like modern navigation systems, operation control
systems, or service management systems. Thanks to the built-in telematics module you are well prepared for these devel-
ser e MADAS
vice4fire MADAS
An additional sensor in the vehicle measures and stores
For analysis this data is consequently transmitted to the
data on the driving behavior during the vehicle's operation.
Online Service Portal.
service4fire MADAS records specific performance meas-
service4fire MADAS is especially suitable for ARFF vehicles
urements such as speed, acceleration, vehicle tilt etc. as
and meets he standards set out in NFPA 414/2012 and
well as incidents during driving.
FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-10E.
Individual solutions
Via interfaces there is the possibility of integrating external
systems into service4fire. The connection to these systems
can be implemented in the course of a project.