Rosenbauer FIRE MAX 3
Modern style, perfect fit.
Emergency crews often need to
work for many hours under the most
exacting of conditions. Whether in
wet or cold, or facing extreme heat
- a protective suit must guarantee
maximum safety while at the same
time offering the best possible
wearing comfort.
This explains why the FIRE MAX 3
places so much emphasis on a perfect
fit, a sporty style, and a comfortable
wearing experience. In addition to
this, experience in terms of the fit
and practical features from the field
of functional sports clothing were
incorporated into the FIRE MAX 3
protective suit's design.
Improved visibility with new reflective stripes.
The FIRE MAX 3 also offers various benefits in terms of
reflective stripes:
Certified in line with visibility regulations as per
Annex B of EN 469
Sleeves and collar with silver reflective braid
Reflective stripes around the torso, sleeves
and pant legs
Additional vertical reflective stripes on the front side and
slightly v-shaped stripes on the back side of the jacket
Silver-colored reflective stripes on the chest and
vertically on the pants legs