FIRE MAX 3 Rosenbauer
High-end materials.
Premium quality. Maximum protection.
Improved material structure with PTFE membrane.
The FIRE MAX 3 has a totally new material structure. For
the first time, it uses innovative PTFE membranes for
maximum breathability accompanied with the best of class
heat resistance. Thanks to the new structure, in combina-
tion with the PTFE membrane, sweat is quickly transported
off the body to the outside, thus avoiding excessive heat
build-up to a great extent.
In the RET test (Resistance to Evaporating Heat Transfer)
the new material structure achieves a low value of just
15 m2 Pa/W. The mandatory standard value in the highest
class requires a water vapor permeation resistance value
of 30 m
2 Pa/W.
Uncompromising safety.
Despite excellent breathability, the FIRE MAX 3 is still
equipped with a safety thermal lining in order to ensure
safety in extreme situations.
Genuinely light just 3.1 kg.
Fabric structure
The weight of a protective suit plays
Outer fabric
an important role when it comes to a
comfortable wearing experience.
PBI Matrix and
X55 with PBI
The FIRE MAX 3 weighs in at just 3.1 kg
approx. 195 g/m
(for sizes 48-50).
Colors: dark blue
approx. 205 g/m
or gold
Color: golden yellow
Moisture barrier (liner)
PTFE membrane on Basofil non-woven carrier
Weight: approx. 105 g/m
Safety thermal lining
Basofil non-woven material with quilted
cover layer made of mixed aramid/viscose
fabric. Weight: approx. 180 g/m