FIRE MAX 3 Rosenbauer
It's this easy
The front side of the
jacket features two
additional openings.
The Rosenbauer IRS
belt is inserted through
an internal tunnel in
the jacket.
The belt tunnel is
accessed through
an extra opening on
the lower end of the
This means the belt
can be effortlessly
pushed forward.
The Rosenbauer IRS belt
A belt is available as an optional accessory for the FIRE
MAX 3 IRS jacket. It is certified as per EN 1498 Cl. A and
EN 358. It consists of an 85 mm wide aramid belt with a
triple-lock HMS aluminum carabiner according to EN 362.
The belt is fully
Details and options
inserted and the
two loops that can
The FIRE MAX 3 IRS jacket is additionally equipped with a
be attached to a
robust quick-release zipper. Two Velcro pieces on the back
allow for a sign (38 x 8 cm) to be attached. The jacket is
available in four different variations: NOMEX Tough dark
blue or gold, PBI Matrix and PBI NEO.