Rosenbauer Hazardous material emergency set
Hazardous material emergency set
A must-have for any fire department.
Accidents with hazardous materials and dangerous
The new hazardous goods emergency set contains the
contamination can happen at any time. Whether transport
equipment you need to successfully take initial action.
accidents, or incidents in companies with hazardous goods
Thanks to this set, you can detect and contain hazardous
this can happen to any fire department at any time.
materials. For operational units, the set contains the right
choice of personal protection equipment. It also provides
equipment for fast decontamination of accident victims
and fire fighters after operation.
Transport accident
Leaking barrel
Radioactive materials
3 golden rules
The larger the distance from the contaminant, the
shorter the time of stay in the danger zone and the
better the shielding (protective clothing) against
the respective substances, the smaller the harmful