Hazardous material emergency set Rosenbauer
In action with the hazardous
material emergency set
1 Put on personal protection equipment
For best possible protection of the first operation units
to arrive at the scene, the set contains three complete
sets of personal protection equipment comprising:
chemical protection overalls, chemical protection
gloves, safety boots, full-view goggles, and breathing
masks with multi purpose filters.
Identifying danger
Oil test strips and universal indicator test sticks give
you a simple approach to detecting hazardous
Collection of hazardous materials and liquids
The hazardous material emergency set gives
Decontamination of accident victims and self-
operational units the right tools for collecting and
decontamination of the operational units
disposing of hazardous materials as quickly as possible:
From cleaning brushes, through cleaning agents and
the collecting reservoir Spillpak, the magnetic quick
disinfectants, through to special cleaning cloths, the set
seal device, and the spill collecting tub "Otter".
provides the best possible choice of equipment for
quickly reducing hazardous materials from protective
Disposal of the contaminated materials
gear and surfaces.
The enclosed waste bags and cable ties help you to
dispose of the contaminated protective equipment
after use.
This sequence with the equipment deployed is a non-binding suggestion.
Personal protection equipment
in the set:
Chemical protection overalls
Boots, masks, filters
Oil test tapes, indicator test sticks
Collecting and emergency tub
Cleaning agents and paper towels
Hand disinfectant
Waste bags
Comes complete in two storage boxes
The HAZMAT emergency set provides best-in-class support during the entire course of operation