Rosenbauer - SAFE GRIP 3
SAFE GRIP 3 - fire fighting gloves from Rosenbauer.
Better protection. Improved dexterity.
The SAFE GRIP 3 combines highest protection properties
with a dynamic design. It guarantees protection, improved
wearing comfort, and gives the professional firefighter
great dexterity.
The SAFE GRIP 3 is certified to EN 659:2008 and meets
the highest requirements in fire-fighting operations. It
impresses with best-in-class heat and flame resistance
and optimum cold insulation. The Gore-Tex X-TRAFIT
membrane is guaranteed to be waterproof and ensures
breathability of the glove at the same time.
Precise tactile experience with SAFE GRIP 3.
Safe and cut-resistant.
Getting down to work with a fine sense of touch.
The SAFE GRIP 3 is the only glove that uses silicone-
Elastic finger folds at the finger joints ensure freedom
carbon coated reinforcement material and contains a
of movement and an excellent tactile experience. A
new admixture of mineral components. This gives the
particularly light and flexible material was used here, thus
glove even better mechanical protection properties and
ensuring more freedom of movement. The new dark blue
improved cut resistance. The SAFE GRIP 3 complies with
model has finger folds in a striking red color; this makes
EN 388 Level 4 for cut-resistance.
the glove a genuine eye-catcher.
The innovative palm reinforcement also ensures a precise
tactile experience; this is important, for example, when
operating controls and electronic equipment.