SAFE GRIP 3 - Rosenbauer
SAFE GRIP 3 - fire fighting gloves from Rosenbauer.
Material composition SAFE GRIP 3
Outer material
The back of the glove is comprised
The Gore-Tex
X-TRAFIT insert mem-
of premium aramid combinations
brane makes the glove waterproof
that are characterized by their
and breathable.
extremely high impact strength,
flame and heat resistance, and re-
silience to chemicals. A para-aramid
non-woven material was applied to
The lining is made of a tear- and
the rear for extra heat and cut-
cut-proof, and flame and heat
resistant combination of NOMEX
The palm side comprises of
knitted fabric.
silicone-carbon-coated dual woven
fabric (doubleface fabric) with a
new admixture of mineral compo-
nents. The NOMEX
and para-
aramid coated material used here
guarantees excellent comfort for
the user, maximum resilience to
wear, and an excellent grip on slip-
pery and wet surfaces.
Elastic finger joint folds make it easier for the wearer to grip objects.
Reflective elements ensure improved visibility.
The reflective stripes of SAFE GRIP 3 and of the
Rosenbauer protective suit FIRE MAX 3 have been geared
to each other. Generous 5 cm yellow/silver/yellow
reflective stripes at the cuff ensure improved visibility. For
the first time, these fire fighting gloves additionally use
reflecting silver braid on the back and on the finger folds.
Slip-free and thus easy to pull on and off.
All material layers are firmly interconnected. This means
there is no risk of the inner glove working loose or slipping
when pulling the glove on or off.
Reflective elements for safe operations.