Rosenbauer HEROS-titan
The new HEROS-titan.
Maximum protection with improved concept.
With the HEROS-titan, Rosenbauer sets a new standard for maximum safety in
firefighting operations. The new generation of HEROS firefighting helmets com-
bines maximum protection with ease and perfect fit. With a tradition of innovation,
Rosenbauer has developed a helmet, which at approx. 1.3 kg offers maximum
comfort. Harder than every operation, it withstands high mechanical loads and
temperatures of more than 300 C without problem. The new HEROS-titan from
Rosenbauer is made to exist in all operations and made to protect lives.
Harder than every operation: HEROS-titan.
The new HEROS-titan from Rosenbauer is one of the safest firefighting helmets
in the world. The heat and flame resistance of the helmet shell has been improved
once again. Its outer shell, with an innovative, sporty bionic design and made of
high-performance polyamide guarantees maximum mechanical protective prop-
erties for many years and withstands, thanks to excellent stability, temperatures
of -40 to over 300 C. This provides firefighters with maximum security during
operations, even in extreme temperatures and dicey situations.
It is safety through experience. It is light-weight through knowledge and
technology. It is the realization of innovative ideas. It is state-of-the-art
for optimal protection and maximum wearing comfort during operations:
The new HEROS firefighting helmet from Rosenbauer.
Developed for the toughest operations in the world.
The new HEROS-titan is a type B/3b full protection helmet
for indoor and outdoor firefighting. It fulfills all important
standards and certifications for firefighting helmets
worldwide: EN 443:2008, EN 16471, and EN 16473, NFPA
1971, AS/NZS 4067 and ISO 16073:2011*.
*Standard tests and certifications in progress.