Rosenbauer ­ Tunnel Case Study
Every second counts in an emergency.
Tunnel extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer.
Making tunnels safer.
The catastrophic 1999 fires in the Mont Blanc tunnel (France - Italy) and the Tauern tunnel (Austria)
forced the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to act, resulting in the estab-
lishment of the EU Tunnel Directive 2004/54/EC. This directive sets forth minimum safety standards
and requirements for the equipment in and the operation of tunnels belonging to the Trans-European
Road Network.
The Linz to Prague route has become one of the most important transportation arteries since the fall
of the Iron Curtain and passes through the Neumarkt tunnel. This tunnel was completely upgraded
with Rosenbauer tunnel extinguishing systems, including those at its emergency stations and pull-off
bays. According to the latest estimates, traffic volume on this route will reach 28,000 vehicles per
day by 2025 and require major improvements to the S10 Mühlviertel Highway.