HEROS-titan Rosenbauer
The hero who does great things.
Optimized damping insert
Improved protection concept and
even more robust in terms of
New helmet shell, minimal weight
Ergonomically shaped helmet shell, thin
design made of light material with high
Optimized center of gravity
Perfect balance on the head thanks
to the ergonomic orientation of the
helmet weight on the axis of the head.
Optional: fully flexible mask adapter
Fully flexible setting of the mask adapter
up and down, forward and backward.
Improved rotary knob
Easy to use rotary knob with more
grip and better haptics.
Integrated edge protection
Protects the helmet at the edges
from bumps and scuffs.
With many new details, HEROS-titan is the most innovative state-of-the-art
firefighting helmet for every operation. With its design, high wearing comfort,
extremely robust components, and sophisticated details, the new generation
of Rosenbauer helmets sets new standards in safety, function and comfort.