HEROS-titan Rosenbauer
Every person has a unique head.
No problem for the HEROS-titan.
The best protection is that which is not felt. The HEROS-titan from Rosenbauer
ensures a perfect fit with its innovative concept. Adjusting the internal fittings
of the new full protection helmet for a perfect fit is possible in just a few steps.
The head width can be adjusted to the perfect size using the rotary knob on the
outer shell, even with gloves. The headbands, front section, helmet band, chin
strap, and leveling pieces of the optional size reduction set enable safe and
simple alignment to the individual head shape. Handling directly on the helmet
is easier than ever before thanks to the labeling of all adjustment options.
Always in balance.
The optimized center of gravity is also new and unique
to the HEROS-titan. Thanks to the ergonomic orientation
of the helmet weight to the axis of the head, the head
always remains in balance. The center of gravity of
the HEROS-titan as well as the distance of the visor
are quick and easy to adjust. And through the simple
controllability of the internal fittings, the HEROS-titan
achieves the perfect balance with every movement.
Easy to adjust
on all axes.
4. The wearing comfort can now be adjusted at any time using the
5. Optionally, the helmet can be optimally aligned to the body's center
external rotary knob - very easily, even when wearing firefighting gloves.
of gravity by pressing the helmet shell away from or closer to the interior