Ready to use and easy to operate.
Benefits you can only find with
stationary tunnel extinguishing
systems from Rosenbauer:
Can be used immediately
One spark is all it takes to trigger
Intuitive and simple to operate
an inferno.
Sure and easy extinguishing
Ideal for emergency firefighting
Easy to install, low maintenance
Also available as CAFS
Fully complies with strict Austrian
road construction regulations
(RVS 09.02.22)
Optimal fire protection with sys-
tems throughout the tunnel
(type TLA 120/19 at firefighting
stations, type TLA 80/19 in pull-
off bays)
The first minutes are critical.
A fire inside a tunnel is an extremely dangerous event.
Only quick and decisive action can prevent a tunnel fire
Flames can spread instantly and produce extreme tem-
from turning into a disaster. Unfortunately, there is not
peratures. Because the tunnel's chimney effect continu-
much time to safely fight the fire. Once the temperature
ally feeds the flames, one spark is all it takes to trigger
in the tunnel has reached 1,000 C it is usually too late for
an inferno. Temperatures at the tunnel ceiling can reach
even emergency response teams to intervene. This is why
1,200 C in only a few minutes. Hot fire gases cannot es-
the European Union recommends: Only attempt to put out
cape and thick, toxic smoke rapidly accumulates. Breath-
the fire yourself at its earliest stage. If this is not possible,
able air becomes scarce, visibility deteriorates and you
then immediately move away from the fire and leave the
can quickly lose your orientation and die from smoke
tunnel through one of the emergency exits.