Helmet Systems Rosenbauer
Robust glass-fiber reinforced
After flame engulfment
plastic helmet shell
(approx. 1,000 C, 10 seconds):
Unique glass fibre reinforced com-
No structural damages
posite material
Full protection
High strength and impact resis-
No damage of the inner lining
tance at extreme temperatures
No afterburn > 5 sec.
Tested for structural fire fighting
Test head temperature only 35 C!
and fire container operations
Size adjustment from outside
Easily adjustable helmet size
(51 65 cm)
Size adjustable ratchet headband
for excellent wearing comfort
Adjustment possible from the
outside even when wearing gloves
Shock absorption
Flame engulfment
Visors tested and certified as to EN 14458:2004.
The following optional requirements are satisfied
by both visors:
UV protection level
-30 C +120 C Applied extreme temperatures
Penetration resistance at extreme
temperatures (120 m/sec.)
Anti fog

Electrical isolation
Two visors for every operation* Both visors are also suitable
for wearers of spectacles