Tunnel Case Study ­ Rosenbauer
Life-saving tunnel extinguishing systems from
The extinguishing agent is a water / foam compound
mix that includes aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) to
completely coat the surface of the fuel thereby ensuring
Rosenbauer works closely with tunnel operators and has
the best possible fire extinguishing performance and burn-
developed and improved specialized extinguishing systems
back resistance. The water comes from fixed water lines in
that can be used immediately after a fire breaks out in a tun-
the tunnel, so that there will always be an adequate means
nel. Designed for space-saving installation (a 60-centimeter
of extinguishing the fire. The extinguishing agent is deliv-
recess is all they need) these systems are located at pull-off
ered through an O-stream nozzle with a throw range of up
bays and in emergency and firefighting stations along the
to 15 meters ­ keeping users a safe distance from the fire.
entire length of the tunnel. Best of all, they are as easy to
use as a standard portable fire extinguisher. Just pull out the
More than 300 tunnel extinguishing systems have been
handline nozzle and turn one lever and the system is ready
installed in European tunnels, including ones in Luxemburg
to go.
(Markusbierg and Gousselerbierg), Slovenia (Trojane and
The extremely lightweight special textile hose is built to
Sentvid), and in Austria (Tauern, Katschberg, Hiefler,
keep its shape and can be easily rolled out to its full length
Ofenauer, Roppener, Achrain, Pfänder, Grünburg,
of 120 meters. Properly used, this system means that any-
Traunkirchen, Ottsdorf, Semmering and Hallstatt). Two of
one will be able to extinguish a fire quickly and efficiently
these, the Ottsdorf and Markusbierg tunnels, have been
at any point in the tunnel. Now motorists can bring vehicle
rated among the safest tunnels in Europe. The Neumarkt
fires under control within the first minute of an emergency.
tunnel on Austria's S10 Mühlviertel Highway is yet another
tunnel that Rosenbauer is proud to have made safer with
its remarkable extinguishing systems.