Rosenbauer RLS1000
The smart LED lighting system.
RLS1000 changes night into day
Excellent lighting performance,
with a rechargeable battery
The multifunctional Rosenbauer LED lighting
system is used wherever supplying the right light is
The RLS1000 has a powerful, integrated rechargeable
difficult. The RLS1000 is the right tool for operations in
battery that ensures a lighting duration of 8 h at
rough terrain that is difficult to reach with a vehicle (e.g.
100 % luminous flux, entirely without an external energy
in forests, fields, on roofs).
supply. This powerful lighting system can thus guarantee
best-possible lighting conditions a whole night long.
Moreover the RLS1000 is a big help in operations where
A color temperature of around 6,500 Kelvin ensures
supplying power is generally a challenge, for example,
daylight-like conditions in the middle of the night. And the
in case of flooding. Operation points can be perfectly
luminous flux can even be boosted to 150 % for 10 minutes
illuminated without an additional energy supply.
thanks to the "power boost" feature.
The benefits are tangible:
Intelligent battery management
With an integrated rechargeable battery and 12/24 V charger, the RLS1000 also impresses with its practical use. The
lighting system has an integrated charger that monitors the status of both its own battery and the donor battery (e.g.
the vehicle battery). The RLS1000 is really easy to charge. All you need is a cigarette lighter socket plug in, charge up,
done. And all of this without an additional charger. Thanks to the optional mains adapter, the lighting system can also be
charged at any 230 V socket.