RLS1000 Rosenbauer
Everything in a single system.
Simple and practical. The RLS1000 combines all the
ingredients of a powerful spotlight with a functional
Dimming function
The work light can be dimmed in 6 stages, from 8 to
150 % luminous flux. The luminous flux can be adjusted to
suit your requirements.
Integrated tripod for easy height adjustment
The Quick Lock (quick-release) extension poles built into
A special diffusor supports infinitely variable switching
the device allow the spotlight to be set up at different
between a focused spotlight and a floodlight. Whether
heights up to a maximum of 1.80 m. The major benefit:
you use the spotlight to search for accident victims, or
no additional tripod and no extension cable needed. The
the floodlight as a virtually dazzle-free working light, the
fold-out stabilizers ensure great stability, even on uneven
RLS1000 always gives you the light that you need.
terrain. Thanks to the practical carrying handle, the
spotlight can also be used as a hand light, for example, for
illuminating paths on the way to the operation.
Signal flashlight in various colors
Additional flasher functions support use as an LED signal lamp in
5 different colors:
Red flashlight, e.g. for marking the operation command center
Green flashlight, e.g. for marking the meeting point for
SCBA wearers
Yellow flashlight, e.g. for traffic hazards
Blue flashlight, e.g. to mark rescue organizations
White flashlight, e.g. as a general signal light
RLS1000 with fold-out stabilizers