Rosenbauer Power Generators
Modern and with even more information.
The new operating concept of the RS 14 power generator.
One operating concept for everything.
It is simple, but with a significantly higher information content. It is completely
new, yet entirely familiar to firefighters. The new digital control display delivers
detailed information about utilization, voltage, and fuel level. Designed
aesthetically in typical Rosenbauer fashion, the new series makes intuitive,
uniform and thus simple operation even easier, from portable fire pumps and
ATs to power generators.
The new display. What it is and what it does.
Digital indicator:
The display is now digital. This means the display is more modern, intuitive,
larger and more flexible.
Four main screens:
main image, detail view, expert view, and service view not only deliver much
more information than ever before. They are also easy to understand and
perfectly legible for the user.
Improved error and message display:
errors are displayed with standardized messages.
APC: Active Power Control | EXT: external refueling | ECO: ECO mode
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ECO mode
Ground wire testing device
External refueling
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