Power Generators Rosenbauer
Economic, safe, and sophisticated.
Because success is in the details.
Innovative fueling concept.
The design of the new refueling concept of the RS 14 power generator is revolu-
tionary. Until now, firefighters had to manually switch to canister operations for
external refueling using a 3-way valve. This is a thing of the past now. Pressing
the "External refueling" button activates a fuel pump and supplies the power
generator with fuel from the canister. The advantages of the new fuel concept
are obvious:
30% longer operation without intervention
Simple and safe refueling during operation
Refueling independent of the fuel tank level
Problem-free use at high ambient temperatures
Less noise, less consumption. With ECO mode.
The ECO mode (electronic speed reduction) ensures minimal noise and lower
fuel consumption. If consumers are switched off, the power generator runs
at reduced speed with low noise emission. Once consumers are switched on,
the motor automatically increases to the nominal speed and the full output is
available immediately. ECO mode is available as an option for all RS 14 series
power generators.
ECO switch available as an option
12 V plug
Pole reversing switch and emergency operation switch
For small consumers: the new 12 V plug
When things get dicey: emergency operation.
A small yet incredibly practical detail is the 12 V constant
The new RS 14 and RS 14 SUPER SILENT power genera-
voltage source, which from now on is standard on the
tors are equipped with an emergency operation switch for
front side of every RS 14 series. It is not only intended for
the first time. And should the battery or electronics fail,
connecting RLS1000 and RLS2000 LED lighting heads;
the RS 14 and RS SUPER SILENT can be started by hand to
this12 V plug is also an additional energy source for small
continue to supply power easily and without problems. This
consumers, such as chargers.
means that firefighters can depend on the power generator
operating reliably at all times.