Rosenbauer Power Generators
Options and accessories.
FIRECAN interface for remote monitoring
Insulation monitoring
All RS 14 and RS 14 SUPER SILENT
Serves to monitor all connected users for insulation errors
units are fitted as standard with an
and occurrence of dangerous leakage currents. The insula-
interface to keep the power genera-
tion monitoring measures the resistance between ground,
tor's battery charged. This allows for
neutral conductor, and the phase of the attached consumer.
the power generator to be remotely
As a new standard, the ISO test key for testing the insula-
monitored, started, and stopped at
tion monitor can be called up in service view.
any time. The connection is made via
CAN-bus. Functionality with differ-
Two different versions are available:
ent vehicle manufacturers is ensured
thanks to standardized FIRECAN
Not shutting down: The warning can be acknowledged
Shutting down: The power generator shuts-down auto-
Example functions: remote start-stop, warnings, error
matically in the event of an insulation fault.
indicator, power decrease, fuel level.
A wheel set makes is ready for transport immediately.
Wheel sets are now also available for Rosenbauer power generators. This enables easier handling and faster transport
to the scene of the emergency. Thanks to the two transport wheels, a single firefighter can easily transport the power
generator to the scene of the emergency in just seconds.