Power Generators Rosenbauer
Options and accessories.
Exhaust gas deflector
In special cases, the exhaust can be deflected upwards
with the aid of the exhaust gas deflector. This means the
power generator can also be installed on aerial ladders
and aerial rescue devices.
Exhaust gas hose with practical bracket
The flexible and galvanized metal hose with connecting
parts according to DIN 14752 keeps exhaust gases away
Equipped with LED
from the vehicle and operator. Two heat-insulated wooden
handles make it safe to position the line even when in
Turns night to day: RLS1000 and RLS2000
The new power generators can be optionally equipped with
multi-functional RLS1000 and RLS2000 LED lighting heads.
High-power LED technology for illumination of the unit and
the scene: 30 high power LEDs in 6 adjustable brightness
levels, with signal flashing light in 5 different colours and
lamp head swiveling in all directions.
Polarity reversing switch for a 400 V CEE socket
The easily accessible pole reversing switch enables a simple
change of direction of rotation of a 400 V CEE socket.
Exhaust gas hose
Additional accessories
Battery temperature monitoring
Automatic choke
For optimum battery charging, some chargers need to trans-
For more operating comfort (note: part of scope of delivery
fer the battery temperature into the vehicle. This is transmit-
for RS 14 SUPER SILENT, optional for RS 14).
ted by the FIRECAN interface. This option is mandatory for
non-Rosenbauer vehicles.
Magcode charging socket
Starter battery 12 V / 18 Ah
CITY three-phase socket, 400 V CEE
Maintenance-free for RS 14 and RS 14 SUPER SILENT.
Additional third three-phase socket, front-mounted.