Rosenbauer Power Generators
RS 9 power generator
9 kVA in 5 DIN frame.
Especially developed for firefighters, this power generator
meets all your requirements. The RS 9 combines maximum
performance with the smallest dimensions and is 100 %
DIN 14685-1 compliant. Experience shows that a long run-
ning time and the simple handling of all operating elements
are most important. The RS 9 meets these requirements
Maximum performance with minimum dimensions
Powerful generator: High output power of
9 kVA 3-phase, cos = 0.8
Small size:The RS 9 can be housed in small DIN 5
Operationally safe: High operational safety, mainte-
nance, and service-friendly, dirt-resistant.
Tried and tested engine: Air-cooled Briggs & Stratton
4-cycle industrial engine.
Supporting frame: Robust tubular frame with new type
of carrying frame for safe and ergonomic transport.
Cold and heat insulating, slip-resistant carrying handle.
Comfortable operation
Tank capacity indicator
Overall load
Operating hours
All operating elements are
arranged on the front
Insulation test

status display
Electrical starting device as
Test facility
Intuitive control panel
Insulation fault
Everything in view
Emergency stop
Reset button
Operating elements
Warning signals
Operating mode indicators
Ground wire testing device
Voltage control display
Phase load
Polarity reversing switch