NAUTILUS Rosenbauer
Flat suction: With the
NAUTILUS 4/1 a minimal water
volume of just 4 mm remains.
Easy to carry
Integrated flat suction
With a total weight of just 30 kg (including cable),
The NAUTILUS pumps are ideally
the NAUTILUS 8/1 is one of the lightest submersible
suited to flat suction and following
pumps in its class. And at only approximately 20 kg,
pumping out at full power, a minimal
the NAUTILUS 4/1 is extremely lightweight too.
water volume remains:
The two handles of both NAUTILUS 8/1 and
NAUTILUS 8/1: ca. 8 mm
NAUTILUS 4/1 are shaped facing outwards to ensure
NAUTILUS 4/1: ca. 4 mm
optimum ergonomics when carried and to prevent
collision with the fire figther or fire fighters carrying
The flat suction is fully integrated into
the unit.
the pump, which makes the removal
of the suction grill or the mounting of
an additional device unnecessary.