NAUTILUS Rosenbauer
Convincing performance
perfect construction
Inspection hatch to check mechanical seal
Cable strain relief
Cable holder
Convincing facts
High quality cable
incl. cable holder
The NAUTILUS can also transport
The pump can be operated in ver-
dirty water (containing sand, mud
tical, horizontal, or fully immersed
Connection cable type H07RN-F
or grit) with a grain size up to
(length: 20 m)
10 mm (NAUTILUS 8/1) or up to
An inspection hatch is included to
Cable holder: to store the cable
8 mm (NAUTILUS 4/1).
check mechanical seal function:
directly on the pump to save space
the user of the pump can perform
Cable strain relief to avoid damage
a functional inspection of the
in the cable feed-through area
mechanical seal at any time.