Integrated flat suction - maximum suction power,
reduces the time needed
The NAUTILUS 4/1 pump is ideally suited to flat suction
and following pumping out at full power, a minimal water
volume remains: ca. 4 mm
The flat suction is fully integrated into the pump, which
makes the removal of the suction grill or the mounting of
an additional device unnecessary.
Easy to carry
Space-saving storage on the vehicle
With a total weight of just 23.8 kg (including cable),
the NAUTILUS 4/1 is one of the lightest submersible
pumps in its class.
Easy to store
The two handles of both NAUTILUS 4/1 are shaped facing
The pumps benefit from a very narrow construction. On
outwards to ensure optimum ergonomics when carried
one hand, this makes it easy to store in a space-saving
and to prevent collision with the fire figther or fire fighters
way on the fire service vehicle, and on the other hand, it
carrying the unit.
allows for efficient deployment in narrow ducts or wells.
Inspection hatch to check mechanical seal
Cable strain relief
Cable holder
Convincing facts
The NAUTILUS 4/1 can transport dirty water (containing sand, mud or grit) with
a grain size up to 8 mm
The pump can be operated in vertical, horizontal, or fully immersed position
An inspection hatch is included to check mechanical seal function: the user of the
pump can perform a functional inspection of the mechanical seal at any time.
Cut-proof, heat and cold resistant, special PUR-cable (length: 20 m)
Cable holder: to store the cable directly on the pump to save space
Cable strain relief to avoid damage in the cable feed-through area