THL D ­ Rosenbauer
Protective suit for rescue operations
The THL D protective suit was tested in accordance with EN15614:2007 and is especially suited for forest firefighting and
rescue operations. The THL D suit is a particularly light protective suit and offers the wearer a very high degree of comfort.
Additionally, this protective suit is characterized by its practical details, for example, the suit offers the option of connecting
the jacket and pants with a zipper.
Improved visibility
The jacket itself complies with the requirements of EN
The single-layer fabric of this suit consists of a water, dirt,
15614:2007 Pt. 9.2. ,,Retroreflection/fluorescence
and oil-resistant exterior material. Membrane and lining
properties" with regard to visibility. These are identical
are not needed. This makes the suit an absolute
to the requirements for visibility in accordance with EN
lightweight at just 1.80 kg (size 52-54). The black and blue
469:2005 +A1:2006, Appendix B.1, B.2 and B.3.
exterior material is made up of 35 % aramide and 65 %
Note: not firefighter clothing in the sense of EN 469
viscose FR and weighs just 310 g/mē.
Removable suspenders (optional)
Side pockets with zipper
Connecting zipper between jacket/pants
Pants design
Trousers with belt loops
With Velcro strip on waistband to attach removable suspenders (optional)
Fly with zipper, can be additionally closed in waistband with button
Good freedom of movement through ergonomic pants design
Reinforcement with abrasion protection made of silicon-carbon coated para-aramide fabric in knee area
Pants cuffs can be tightened with Velcro strap
Pants seam designed with friction-wear protection and moisture barrier
Attaching the jacket to the pants with a connecting zipper
Two side pockets with covered zippers
Two thigh pockets covered by a flap
Velcro fleece strip for name tag (15 x 2.5 cm) on the left side pocket flap
Stripes with yellow/silver/yellow reflecting 3M stripes circumferential below the knee