Aerial Ladders Rosenbauer
Versatile. Unique. Pioneering.
Technological leadership obligates.
As a full-range supplier, Rosenbauer has been providing in-
Ever-changing operational conditions require immediate and
novative fire protection solutions for nearly 150 years from
consistent adaptability, meaning that usability to fire depart-
personal protective equipment to custom firefighting vehicles
ments and emergency crews is always our focus. This is
and extinguishing equipment of all types. Born from a passion
why fire departments all over the world rely on Rosenbauer.
for fire protection, today the Rosenbauer Group is the global
Furthermore, our specialists offer integrated solutions and
market leader in preventative and defensive fire protection and
support, even for individual, complex projects.
disaster control. Most of our employees are themselves expe-
rienced fire fighters, we know what matters in operations. This
Rosenbauer is the only full-range supplier for fire protection
know-how influences our developments on an ongoing basis.
and firefighting worldwide. Thanks to innovative know-how
This is how our significant innovations and ground-breaking
and the drive to always have our finger on the pulse of the
technology in fire protection are made for pros by pros.
times for the best possible performance, Rosenbauer has
become the technology leader in the industry.
Even new developments and advancements for Rosenbauer
The highest safety and quality are therefore guaranteed.
aerial ladders and hydraulic platforms are based on our
Today and in the future.
practical experience.
Rosenbauer aerial ladders stand for
Safety and reliability
Best quality
Sophisticated functionality
Innovation and cutting-edge technology
Intuitive operation
Attractive design
Metz is known worldwide for technology, compe-
tence, reliability, and safety. Many thousands of
lives have been saved over the last decades with
Rosenbauer aerial ladders. By incorporating into the
Rosenbauer Group, Metz Technology has become
a competent technology brand and the seal of
quality for Rosenbauer aerials. Reliable, innovative,
and customized!