Rosenbauer Aerial Ladders
The secret to success: Metz Technology.
Diverse innovations for easy and safe aerial rescue.
Rescue operations depend on the reliability, speed, and flex-
placed considerable value on a flexible set-up and a compact
ibility of the operational equipment. Fire fighters are con-
action radius.
stantly confronted with new local conditions and operational
challenges. Rosenbauer works closely with rescue personnel
Since many operations occur at night or in conditions of
and draws upon their experience to continuously develop
poor visibility, it is especially important that the scene of the
products that ensure the best possible safety.
operation is optimally illuminated. Rosenbauer has invented a
solution just for this purpose in the form of an integrated, so-
Regardless of whether narrow streets, next to parked cars, or
phisticated lighting concept. A new, highly advanced rescue
in dense urban parks the scenes where aerial ladder vehi-
cage also lifts the aerial ladder to new heights wheelchairs
cles are deployed differ just as much as the requirements for
can now be accommodated for the first time. These are but
live loads and functionality. In order to thus provide rescuers
only a few of the innovative improvements that have made
access to previously unreachable scenes, our engineers have
Rosenbauer so successful.